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packshot can easily be defined as an image of a product that includes the packaging or labelling of the product. A packshot or packaging shot helps to communicate the brand’s commitment and well-roundedness. Great packaging creates expectations and if executed well, it can increase the brands’ perceived value.
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Suitable For Company Website
Still life is a work of art that focuses on inanimate subjects. Usually, the subjects are commonplace objects. That can include both manmade objects (such as vases, items of clothing, and consumer products) and natural objects (like plants, food, rocks, and shells).
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People may view your products in the environment for which they were intended thanks to lifestyle product photography. It appeals to the creative part of the mind and helps your customers to visualize themselves using your product; this will greatly influence their decision to buy it.
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SUITABLE For online stores and social media
  • It is eCommerce's most adaptive and cutting-edge form of product photography, which will add dimension, personality, and style to your virtual store and social media. Maintain your competitiveness by allowing your product photos to speak for themselves!
  • Flat-lay photography is the eCommerce counterpart of unfolding a garment in a store to see a product's fit, drape, and material quality.
  • Flat lay photography has rapidly replaced ghost mannequin photography as the favored fashion photography approach for original social media, publications, look books, and catalog material that does not require a model.
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  • Definitely, adopting the ghost mannequin technique will perform wonders for fashion photography. The advantages of using a ghost mannequin for photography are obvious; the mannequin form accentuates fit, drape, and shape. On the mannequin form, cleverly designed clothing and trendy accents come to life.
  • Your clothing and accessories will look their best thanks to properly sized mannequins, lighting, photography, and competent post-production. Upon arrival, we steam, hang, and prepare all of your merchandise. preparing your products for their time in front of the camera by handling them with the appropriate care and attention.
  • In post-production, the mannequin is taken out, and waistbands and necklines are added so that your favorite seasonal outfits can be displayed in all their unbroken splendor.
  • Photoshop phantoms
    The process is a crucial post-production phase. Where feasible, our photographers strive to produce images that require as little retouching as possible, but when it comes to invisible mannequin photography, our talented post-production team really shines.
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models and fashion
  • The most popular photo shoots for eCommerce sales are always those with models and fashion. Our studio may offer an intriguing and appealing option when a white background or an indistinguishable ghost mannequin web photo just doesn't cut it for your products, whether they are jewellery, apparel, accessories, cosmetics, or anything else needing that additional human touch!
  • Your web photos will become more relatable to your viewers if you incorporate a live fashion model shoot into them instead of just using "just another product photography." Customers are better able to picture themselves using things when they are presented in an intriguing and compelling way than when they are presented with a more "ordinary," non-model image.
  • We can source models for you to make your web photo from bizarrely simple to absolutely stunning because we have a diversified group of professional models that range in age, size, gender, and ethnicity.
  • Once Everything is set up for your model shoot.  We will make sure, to the best of our ability, that your queries are taken into account and incorporated into the production plan prior to the model shoot. Our competent team of photographers, hair and makeup artists, and stylists will put in endless effort to realize your vision. When using top-notch components, the final product can only be as inspirational as the combination of its elements.
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Display the item in sharp focus / for jewelry
  • Rings, necklaces, or earrings - we can photograph any of your sophisticated pieces so that your consumers will fall in love at first sight. Expertise in jewellery photography, taking expert pictures of many categories.
  • Our photography studio enables jewellers and e-commerce companies, to have high-tech jewellery images of rings, necklaces, watches, loose diamonds, and other items.
    Your product will outperform the competition because we highlight its unique qualities and make it hard to resist purchasing.
  • Display the item in sharp focus: To be persuaded to buy, your customers need to see every last element of your goods. In other words, sales and profit are synonymous with macro photography.
  • We brighten up your product: Our use of macro photography will draw attention to your jewellery pieces among your buyers.
  • Other than jewellery, macro photography can be used to capture images of perfumes and other aromas, phones and other high-tech devices with intricate details, sunglasses, makeup, and other items.
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360 Videos/ Stop Motion

maximize your social media strategy
  • Give us a call if you're thinking about creating a new website, want to know how to maximize your social media strategy, or just want a fresh way to showcase your items.
    The trend of showing products in 360-degree videos is expanding, and why not? The Internet is increasing quicker, videos are simple to save and share, and they also provide a lot of versatility for product display.
  • The benefits of 360-degree product photography are combined with the certainty of studio photography's clean white to create these movies. Customers have all the information they need to make a judgment about a product quickly thanks to these 360-degree views.
  • Amazon took the initiative and established the benchmark for showing products and services with 360 video, which is playing a growing role in product communication.
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